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touch_wood's Journal

This is what we pay our license fee for
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Hi! We're the Blue Skies Institute of Idiotic Comms and Dictatorial Modship, and you know what's FREAKIN HOT??


1. We never intended to use this comm for the greater good of humanity or nothin'. We were just amusing ourselves. This comm is now open membership. Nevertheless, we reserve the right to banninate at will.

2. We rule our comms with an iron fist. We show no fucking mercy.

3. This is pretty much going to be for stupid spaffing over the shiny dumb fun that is Torchwood. That is all.

4. No fic. It's not like there aren't enough comms for that already. Also no icons, banners, manips, fanvids or other guff like that. There's plenty of other places you can pimp your wares at.

5. Any attempt at starting serious debate will be frowned upon. We don't know what exactly this will mean yet. But we'll give you fair warnings. As a clue, any serious discussion of 'gay agendas' will not go down well.
- We will especially not tolerate debate about Jack's character progression based on the fact that he smiled wierdly if you freeze-frame a particular episode at 13m45secs and OMG WHAT CAN IT MEEEEEAAAN???

6. We have digital so nyah. Our spoiler policy is therefore as follows:
- What has been aired in the UK is not a spoiler. So, as of 9pm on Wednesday, anything referring to that episode (or the one of BBC3) does not need any cuts or invisotext or nothin'.
- This includes the 'next time' trailer at the end of the episode - if it's in the trailer, it's fair game.
- To be honest, we'll probably cheat and post througout the episode. That's cool. Wednesday night is spam-night.
- If it's referring to an episode that hasn't been on BBC2 yet, then cut it, warn us, whatevs. We'll probably read it anyway but hey.
- If you don't have digital or are relying on torrents, best to stay away til you've caught up.

7. Chris Chibnall is to be henceforth referred to as Rusty's Performing Monkey. We don't like him.

8. Despite ruling with an iron fist (see 1), we also make a lot of rules up as we go along. We will do our best to be nice to you if you are breaking a rule we've only just invented.

9. We only registered this comm because we liked the name and it made us giggle like schoolgirls. There will be in-jokes.

10. We do not fear Teh Bumsecks, but any suggestions of Tenth Doctor/Captain Jack OTP4LYPHE!11!! will get you beaten up.

11. It's Tenth Doctor, Ninth Doctor, etc. We'll accept Ecclestone's Doctor, etc. This whole Ten or Nine rubbish won't be tolerated here.

12. Capslock is your friend. Spaff at will.

13. We, like the much more polite torch_wood, we will also have a Tuesday night reaction post.
- These comments may consist of one word only, 'OH NOES!!' being the only exception.
- You may post as many times as you like, but still, one word per comment. Sentences strung out over multiple comments are not allowed.
- Capslocks, keyboard mashes and nonsensical noises ('phwoar!', 'whu?' etc) are both permitted and encouraged.

14. Mods are permitted to break any of these rules at any given time.

Thank you to indiexicons for the user pic.

If you have sense of humour, check out our other comms:
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fit_comedians - Does what it says on the tin and has nothing to do with Torchwood.

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